• Vaughn Bosu

Which Smart Speaker Is The Best?

With so many smart speakers now it can be hard to decide which you want to get, there are three mainstream smart speakers, Apple’s HomePod, the Google Home, and Amazon’s Alexa. There are four main ways to decide which is the best, design, sound, intelligence, and overall.


Apple is known for there beautiful designs, so it’s not a surprise that HomePod clearly wins in this, with its mesh cylinder design, it looks clean and modern. It will be able to look great in your home. However, it does cost $300, so if you want a budget-friendly one, the Google Home Mini is a definitive second place. It is a small hockey puck-like design with mesh on top it comes in black, white, coral, or aqua, so it can blend in with most backgrounds. It starts at $50 but during the holiday season, it's $20 off.


Also, Apple, even though the Google Home Max is designed for the sound it just doesn’t sound as well. It may be louder but it what’s the point of that if it’s not as good of quality. But then again it can only play Apple Music. It plays music in all direction, unlike the Home Max which is a huge advantage.


Alexa is great at being able to order items off Amazon but it lacks when trying to ask it complicated questions. Siri is by far the worst assistant, but it can do stuff that is great for iPhone users, So when Siri is a device by itself it definitely is not the best. That leaves one left, Google. Google Assistant is insanely smart, it lets you have the power of Google without pulling your phone out of your pocket. It’s rare that it messes up or doesn’t have the answer.


Even though it seems like I’ve praised the HomePod in this review I believe it is the worst one on this list, yes it has great sound, and yes it looks amazing but Siri is just a bad assistant, it lacks in finding information on the web. However, if you do want a magnificent sounding speaker I would suggest the HomePod. If you want an assistant that can do just about anything get the Google Home, but not the Max. I would recommend the Home Mini, it’s cheap, still has all the features of the regular Google Home (except the speakers). Its sound quality is fine. It can play music well enough and is out enough for most people. Just wait until the holidays to get a great deal.

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Amazon's Echo (Generation 2): https://amzn.to/32KvP4C

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Apple's HomePod: tiny.cc/gdezcz

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Google Home Mini: tiny.cc/dmezcz

Google Home: tiny.cc/djezcz


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