• Vaughn Bosu

The Series 5 is... Interesting

If you have a series 4,3,2 then it’s definitely not a worthy upgrade but if you have a series 1 then maybe it's time to upgrade. Starting at $399, it's not horrible for all the amazing features. The new watch has an always-on the retina display. This is a nice new feature but I think it's unnecessary. I've never had this issue, the watch has raise to wake and that's what I use, I don't think that most people would use the main selling point. So maybe consider getting a series 3. It has the best bang for your buck starting at just $199, it has almost all of the features of the series 5 at half the price. If you are getting a watch for the first time and you just want it for notifications, quick actions, fitness, and health then the series 3 is perfect but if you already have a series 3 or 4 wait until next year, don't get the series 5.


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