• Vaughn Bosu

The 2020 iPhone Leaks Have Already Begun, Don't Believe Them.

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

About a week after the iPhone 11 release, the 2020 iPhone leaks have already started. They are saying no-notch, under display camera, glowing logo, under display Touch ID, and reverse wireless charging. Don't believe these leaks. The 2020 iPhones are more than a year away just wait, leaks start to get more accurate

when they are about one to two months away from the product releasing. When the iPhone 11 was a year away from releasing leaks got around nothing right. People said that there would be a iPhone SE 2 in 2019, a 7 inch phone in 2019, and even a holographic display. So, don't believe these rumors, they are going to be totally false wait a few months thats when they will be more accurate.


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