• Vaughn Bosu

Samsung Released the Galaxy Fold, But With a Few Catches.

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

After the catastrophic event that was Galaxy Fold pre-release, everyone thought that the Galaxy Fold would take at least a year to come out with a finished version but Samsung surprised everyone coming out less than a 6 months after the pre-release. Samsung took feedback and officially released the first-ever consumer flag-ship foldable phone. This phone is a huge innovation but I don't think this technology is ready. This phone is so fragile that if your finger-nail touches the display it will permanently scratch and damage the display, so if you simply touch the display the wrong way a few times well then your $2000 fancy new piece of tech is rendered useless. In fact, Brain Heater's (tech journalist for TechCrunch.com) new (official release) Galaxy Fold broke after just one day of use. "I pulled the Fold from my pocket while standing in line at CVS after work the other day. I opened it up and spotted something new nestled between the lock screen’s flapping butterfly wings. There was a brightly colored, amorphous blob." You can see that even a tech reviewer

broke his Fold after one day. If the story is how he claims then the Galaxy Fold broke at no fault of his. Samsung recently put out a statement saying that they would fix broken displays once for $150 but if your display broke again they won't fix it. People don't want to have to treat their phones as the most delicate piece of art ever. Common things like putting a credit card next to the Fold will break it or even putting it in the same pocket with coins. It isn't water-resistant, dust resistant, not even lint resistant! So if you have pocket lint it could be deadly to a $2000 phone. To make it even worse, the Fold is so fragile that Samsung doesn't want to ship it. If you want to get one you'll have to go to a Samsung store to pick it up and there is a mandatory lesson you must take from the employee. This technology is insanely cool but Samsung is trying to force it to market when it is clearly not ready for public use. I think Samsung has achieved many innovations with this phone but it's simply not ready.


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