• Vaughn Bosu

Microsoft Gives Final Goodbye to Windows 7 and Millions of Users Using the Operating System.

Today Microsoft dropped support for their notorious operating system after 11 years, Windows 7.

When it debuted their focus was clear, it was designed to fix Windows Vista, and it did with its Aero window management and new task bar.

Windows 7 was insanely popular and saved Microsoft from another Vista situation. However, there was one problem, it was too good, and when it came time to upgrade many people simply passed, and opted to stay on Windows 7. That’s why it took over 3 years (after release of windows 10) for most PC’s to run windows 10. Still today, 23-27% of all PCs are still running Windows 7. Businesses and education Windows 7 users will be able to pay for extended security updates, but this could be costly for many schools/companies. Extended updates for Windows 7 Enterprise is $25 per computer, and the cost will double to up to $50 per computer in the beginning of 2021 and again to a crazy $100 in the beginning 2022. It’s worse for Windows 7 Pro users, which starts at $50 per Device and leaps to an absolutely insane $100 in 2021 and $200 in the beginning of 2022.


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