• Vaughn Bosu

Microsoft Expands California Privacy Laws Throughout the U.S.

On Monday (November 11), Microsoft announced that it would honor the core rights provided to Californian citizens. In a blog post on November 11th , Julie Brill, Microsoft’s chief privacy officer, said that the company will extend the main principles of the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) across the US just as it did with Europe’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) last year. The California law will come into effect January 1st, 2020.

The law states “Under CCPA, companies must be transparent about data collection and use, and provide people with the option to prevent their personal information from being sold,” it was passed in June of last year (2018) and this law is one of the strictest privacy laws in the world. Apple is usually known as the tech company that is leading the new charge of privacy but this time new companies are also taking charge. As many companies, especially tech companies are coming under fire for privacy by people and the government many companies are "voluntarily" making new policies to support user privacy.


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