• Vaughn Bosu

Microsoft Event Recap! Phones, Tablets, Laptops!

Microsoft on October 2nd had a massive 90 minute event showing everything from dual-screen tablets, to new Surface Laptops to even a folding phone. Here are all the new products!

Surface Pro X

Microsoft's new hybrid device made a big impression on the audience. It's brand new thin and sleek design looks amazing, it's light and is completely overhauled. It is the first Surface to run Windows 10 on ARM, it does this with the new custom-made Microsoft SQ1 chip developed with Qualcomm. It also has slim bezels and is using USBC. It starts at $999.

Surface Earbuds

Yes, another AirPods competitor. We now have Pixel Buds, Galaxy Buds, Surface Earbuds, and of course AirPods. They charge in a portable case, like you'd expect, but they also have touch controls that enable native Spotify control and Office 365 tie-ins. You can use voice control on PowerPoint with them but other than that there wasn't much more information. They will ship "during the holiday season" and will start at $250.

Surface Neo

The company hopes to usher in a future of dual-screen PCs with the Surface Neo. The folding Windows tablet packs two 9-inch screens that combine into a 13-inch area that helps with multitasking. if you need to type a long message, there's a compact, wirelessly charging keyboard that effectively turns the Neo into a laptop.

It runs a brand new Windows operating system called Windows 10x made custom for dual-screen devices. It seems very interesting but it's coming out in December of 2020.

Surface Duo

Basically it's the same thing as the Neo but a phone. It's not running Windows 10x but instead running Android! Microsoft has made to many attempts to get into the phone industry but now instead of running Windows Mobile it will run Android! Coming December 2020.

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