• Vaughn Bosu

Fire Tv May Not Get Disney+ After Amazon and Disney Fight Over Ads.

Amazon’s Fire TV might be the only major streaming platform without Disney+ at launch, due to the companies arguing over ads according to the Wall Street Journal. This also isn’t just about Disney+, Amazon also might say goodbye to other Disney owned platforms such as

ESPN+. Conflicts between Amazon and other companies, including Apple and Google, have kept other popular apps from being carried on Fire TV. YouTube is a solid example of this. Now YouTube is on the Fire Tv but I didn't use to be. This might hurt the Fire Tv, but more importantly, it is the first time Disney is trying to do directly to consumer streaming services. Disney is putting a lot of resources into making this an amazing product, so if this is

a huge success like Disney and most people are anticipating this could be a huge down-side for the Fire Tv. This conflict will most-likely be resolved either before or soon-after Disney+ come out on November 12th.


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