• Vaughn Bosu

Everything new in iPadOS and IOS 13.1

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

iPadOS was recently released and has new exclusive features never seen before on iPads. Including USB support, easier multitasking, a quick statics dock and also everything that came out on IOS 13 including dark mode.

USB Support

Now with IPadOS 13.1, you can plug in USB, USBC, and SD card through the lighting port with an adapter. Your USB will pop up in the recently updated files app where you can put in or take out documents, videos, photos, and other files. This now makes the iPad much more capable and easier to use. Previously you would have to plug the USB into the computer, upload it to the computer, then plug in your iPad to the computer and upload the files via the old files app. But now with the upgraded files app, it is easy and after than ever.


Multitasking is now easier than ever. You can easily switch between the 2 app you are using by using a swipe up and hold gesture. You can also use the swipe to either side to switch between the app you were previously using. This makes spilt screen a breeze.

IOS 13.1

By now everyone knows about the brand new dark mode but in the new IOS 13.1 you can share audio with other Bluetooth headphones. This means one iPhone can send audio to two sets of wireless headphones. Also, you can easily send your ETA in the maps app to anyone in your contacts so they know what time you’ll get there. This was a relatively big update for coming out so fast after IOS 13.


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