• Vaughn Bosu

EA Origin Access - The Best Way to Play PC Games

Updated: Jan 4

EA's Origin subscription service has been around since August 11, 2014, but only recently has the price dropped and the library expanded. There are two different subscriptions, EA Origin Access Basic and EA Origin Access Premier.

The Premier Subscription costs a hefty $14.99 a month or $99.99 a year! However, the Basic subscription can be as low as $2.50 a month if you opt for the yearly subscription. The library of games is forever evolving but some blockbuster titles for Premier are Madden 20, Star Wars Jedi - Fallen Order, Anthem, Battle Field V, Fifa 20 and hundreds more. Although these are amazing games I believe that the Premier subscription is a "rip-off". Sure, you do get unlimited early access to new EA games but the Basic subscription isn't much worse, providing 10 hours of early access. Also, the Premier Subscription only has 13 more games, even if they are the best and newest games is that really worth the extra $70 a year? For example Basic doesn't have Madden 20 but it does have Madden 19, and even if you do want a game that isn't in your Basic subscription you'll still receive 10% off any Origin Purchase. Finally, DLC and "extra content". The Premier subscription promises "extra content included with New EA games (minimum $20 value)". This may see amazing and worth the extra $70 but what you'll soon realize is that the extra content is usually purely cosmetic and adds almost no actual new features to the game. To conclude, I believe that the Basic subscription is far superior to the Premier Subscription for so many reasons.


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