• Vaughn Bosu

Are Wireless Chargers Truly The Future?

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

In 2019 almost every flagship phone has “wireless” charging. People when it first came out said it was the future but it can become impractical sometimes. Not say to that it’s useless because I love mine, but I do admit sometimes it can be annoying and worse than a normal cable.

The Cons

To start, the main reason that people dislike wireless charging is because it is simply not as fast, the “fast” wireless chargers charge phone at 7.5 watts, a normal fast charger chargers it at around 18 watts! This problem is not a big deal for most people because you can simply charge it during the night while you aren’t using your phone. Problem two, you can’t use your phone while it’s charging, this is a slight issue but I’ve only encountered it a few times, like I said before, if you simply charge it in the night you won’t have this issue. Finally, wireless charging still involves a wire, even if it doesn’t connect directly into the phone it still has a wire going into the wireless charging pad.

The Pros

Wireless charging is great if it’s next to your bed, that’s were it thrives. You no-longer have to look for the cable behind your nightstand, instead just place it down on the pad and go the sleep. It’s 100% in the morning and depending on what phone you have you won’t have to charge it again until night.


If you got $20 to spare, then yes, I think it’s worth the convenience, it easy just to put on the mat and

forget about it. I have basic Samsung one but if you want more fancy ones that can charge multiple devices or pop up into a phone stand then there is something out there that you can use. I’ll leave links to the ones that I recommend.

My recommendations:

Favorite/Best Deal: Samsung Pop up charger: https://amzn.to/2Olt3iz

Fastest: 10 WattWireless Charger: https://amzn.to/2lhgnxt


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