• Vaughn Bosu

All the New Amazon Echo Products

Amazon on September 25, announced many new Echo products with Amazon’s Alexa. Let‘s look at all 11 of them!

Echo Dot Clock

The brand new $60 Echo Dot Clock is a normal Echo Dot with a LED display going through the mesh design. It can show weather, time, and even alarm times. You can get it HERE.

Echo Studio

This brand new Amazon Alexa device is designed to compete with the sound of Apple's HomePod or Google's Google Home Max. It has 3D audio and starts at just $200 compared to Apple's and Google's price of $300. Get it HERE.

Echo Show 8

Not Much New here. Still a great camera and a beautiful display. Starting at $130. Get it HERE.

Echo Earbuds

They didn't give us much information about the Echo EarBuds but what awe do know is that they have a 5 hour battery life (20 hours in the charging case), they of course have Alexa, and they start at $130. Get them HERE.

Echo Glow

This product is a little wonky. It doesn't have Alexa alone instead it plugs into one and creates a night light type device. However, you can put it into other mode such as campfire or even dance party. It starts at $30 and you can get it HERE.

Echo Frames

These new glasses don't have a display or a camera just Alexa, a microphone, and a small speaker that only the person wearing can hear. It is currently invitation only and is $179. Once it comes to the market it will be $250. You can see them HERE.

Echo Loop

This product is also invitation only. It is $130 right now but will be $180 when it comes out to the market. See it HERE.

Echo Flex

Amazon also introduced Echo Flex, a small plug-in device that adds Alexa to any outlet. You will be able to purchase add-on accessories like a motion sensor and smart night light. Buy it HERE.

Amazon Smart Oven

One odd product to come out of the event was the Amazon Smart Oven, a combination microwave, convection oven, air fryer and food warmer. Every Smart Oven will come with a free Echo Dot, so you can set cook times with Alexa and be alerted when your food is finished cooking. It is $250 and you can buy it HERE.

Echo Auto

This nifty device plugs into a car and has Alexa to give you directions, play music, and call or message people. It starts at $50 and you can but it HERE.


Why is Amazon coming out with 11 new devices with Alexa, Well Amazon isn't really trying to pull market share from Apple like they used to with products like the Fire Phone or Fire Tablet, instead they are going to places where Apple and Google haven't explored to much like with the loop, the smart oven, the flex, or the Echo Auto. Expect more articles about these products in the future.

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